Fees & Rates

Mediator, Jeffrey R. Johnson, offers flexible scheduling to meet the needs of attorneys and their clients.

One-Half Day Mediation

(includes preparation, pre-mediation call or calls to counsel, and four-hour mediation)

Number of Parties Total Per Party
2 $1,500
3 $1,250
4 $1,000

Full Day Mediation*

(includes preparation, pre-mediation call or calls to counsel, and eight-hour mediation)

Number of Parties Total Per Party
2 $3,000
3 $2,500
4-5 $2,000

Administrative Fees: NONE

Arbitration Fees: $600 per hour for all time spent on case including, but not limited to, preparation, phone calls, conferences, motions, hearings.

Payment Responsibility: The agreement to render mediation or arbitration services is between JRJ Mediation and the attorney of each participating party. Accordingly, it is the responsibility of the attorney for a party to pay the mediation fee by the date due. It is not the responsibility of JRJ Mediation to obtain payment from individual clients or businesses of the attorneys who have agreed to retain the services of JRJ Mediation.

Timing of Payment: Each party’s share of the total amount due must be received 14 days before the mediation. Written confirmation of the fee allocation among the parties and the agreement to pay must be received prior to final confirmation of the scheduled time.

JRJ Mediation reserves the right to offer the proposed dates and times to others if payment is not received 14 days in advance.

Cancellation Policy: If a party cancels or postpones a mediation within 10 days of the scheduled mediation date, the party requesting the cancellation or postponement is responsible for the total fee for the mediation (not just that party’s share), unless the mediation is rescheduled for a later date.

Fee Schedule (Effective April 2023)

* For mediation with over 5 parties, please call for rates. The rates quoted are for mediations which are held via zoom, or other online programs, or at locations between Tacoma and Bellingham. For face-to-face mediations in other locations, please call for rates as there may be an additional charge for travel time and travel expenses.