Benefits of Zoom or Online Mediation

JRJ Mediation offers the opportunity for mediation held via Zoom or other online programs, as an excellent alternative to face-to face mediation. In our experience, online mediation is a highly successful way to resolve cases involving claims for damages.

All parties and their representatives, including those with authority to resolve the dispute, can participate from locations throughout the world. The only requirement is an internet or landline connection.

There are no travel, parking, or facility-related costs.

Those with disabilities or health issues may participate from the comfort of their home or another convenient location.

Participants can rest assured that they will not be in direct contact with the other party. This can be very important in cases that may be emotionally charged. Generally, a decrease in anxiety increases the likelihood of a successful mediation. A party may feel safer and more comfortable and supported during the mediation process.

Use of the technology is simple.